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LEGO Futuristic Micro City at Philly Brick Fest 2018 – Best Lego Video (Lego Technic, Legoland, Lego Star Wars, Lego Friends, Lego Ninjago, Lego City, Lego Harry Potter)

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LEGO Futuristic Micro City at Philly Brick Fest 2018 LEGO Futuristic Micro City at Philly Brick Fest 2018 LEGO Futuristic Micro City at Philly Brick Fest 2018
LEGO Futuristic Micro City at Philly Brick Fest 2018 LEGO Futuristic Micro City at Philly Brick Fest 2018 LEGO Futuristic Micro City at Philly Brick Fest 2018

LEGO Futuristic Micro City at Philly Brick Fest 2018, (star wars skywalker, lego 75208, builders paving bricks, lego moc’s)


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What is a LEGO MOC set?
LEGO? MOC stands for LEGO? My Own Creation, or My Own Creation. LEGO? MOCs are not official LEGO? sets designed and built by LEGO? fans.

A standard LEGO? set is released by LEGO? itself. You can buy this in total in a box including instructions which explain step by step how you can build the LEGO? set. However, you also have LEGO? sets that have been designed and built by fans themselves. These are called LEGO? MOC sets or just LEGO? MOCs.

Use LEGO ?, You can really make or recreate everything. In AFOL or adult LEGO ? Under the fans, there is a lively culture of building MOC. This ranges from imitating complete streets to rebuilding planes and helicopters, such as the Apache AH-64 helicopter MOC recently produced by our fan Michael Brown.

How to build LEGO ? MOC suit
You can design your own LEGO ? MOC。 Let’s assume that you are not a designer and want to build an existing MOC set. On the rebrickable website, you will find many exquisite MOC packages, such as Star Wars MOC package, sports car MOC package and LEGO based on famous buildings ? MOC。 On rebrickable, you can purchase and download the manual of the MOC device so that you can learn how to build the device.

Lego ? The components of the MOC suit are not like the official LEGO ? The suit is packed in a beautiful box like that. To build the MOC kit, you must order all parts separately. Fortunately, rebrickable also has a convenient solution. You can see which online Lego for each MOC package ? The store has all the parts of this MOC kit. You can also compare the total price of each part in each store.

LEGO ? The MOC suite shows LEGO ? The power of. On the one hand, you have (RE) made the building blocks of various creations. On the other hand, LEGO ? Fans can use their creativity to design and build MOC sets. Finally, we issue a warning because Lego is built ? MOC can be addictive.

What is LEGO MOC? The difference between LEGO suit and LEGO MOC.
Hi, Lego fans are all over the world. Welcome to our website OVO MOC brick land. Today, we will find new things about LEGO MOC and the uniqueness of these products.

1. What is LEGO MOC? – My own creation
Well, most people know the answer to this question.

What does MOC mean? It may be very short. Basically, it means that it represents my own creation, so basically they are not the people who build LEGO toys according to the instructions.

They just build it from their minds, from their own imagination, which is what they design in their minds. Now, they just build it with Lego blocks they remove from their purchased suits and collections.

LEGO MOC is used in LEGO player terms to describe the use of LEGO’s basic bricks to create their own scenes, plots and physical behaviors. MOC – my own creation. In fact, LEGO toys have a very profound philosophy, and the structure of “Minimalism” is “complex”: each “work” is a standard brick continuously “added”. But it is this dusty foundation “structure” that builds the imagination of children one after another, makes the dream of high-rise housing and makes the building large-scale.

You only know bricks, so that’s what people make. It’s basically like you’re your own company and you start making your own set. They will be what you create, so you create it yourself, and it is entirely composed of you.

You’ve turned it into Lego, so it’s yours

2. What is the difference between LEGO suit and LEGO MOC?
Based on the above explanation, we can completely distinguish the difference between LEGO suit and LEGO MOCS.

2.1. First, Lego sets has instructions, while LEGO MOCS is based on the imagination and creativity of the assembler.

2.2. Lego sets has building blocks that can be assembled, but Lego blocks do not. You must search the retail building block website. From this alone, you can see how time-consuming it is to create a complete set of LEGO machines

2.3. Uniqueness and rarity are also one of the biggest differences between Lego sets and LEGO MOCS. Not everyone has LEGO MOCS, but LEGO suits are different. If you have enough money to buy them, you can have them. You may see some suits that are not made by LEGO, but you don’t have to worry.

We – mocrickland is one of the leading companies producing LEGO MOCS products.

The minimum quantity of LEGO mass production is 10000 sets. With many permits from the competent authorities, it is difficult to mass produce one set. However, with more than 10 years of production experience, mocrickland can mass produce 100 sets / product (only 1% higher than Lego). You can have Lego blocks more easily than before.

More about us

We also have new product policies every week, so in addition to existing products, we update and add new products every week. Therefore, you can easily complete your collection without spending time waiting like using LEGO products.

We have also completed a piecemeal part of our website, which will help you take the initiative to give full play to your creative freedom to create great products.

What is LEGO MOC?
Some of you may want to know what LEGO MOC is. What does MOC mean?

MOC is an acronym for my own creation. Therefore, Lego MOC means LEGO my own creation, which is designed and built by LEGO fans using original Lego building blocks. These works, or what we call MOC, prove that you can build anything with imagination and a few Lego blocks!

How can establishing MOC help you?

We help you get all the original LEGO parts you need to build the MOC in one package. We handle the difficult part for you!

When purchasing the original LEGO package, you are limited to a series of products released by LEGO. They are good at designing new series, but they can’t please everyone. That’s why LEGO fans started building MOCS and sharing their own designs with other LEGO fans.

When you can get the design and description of the LEGO MOC you want to build, you usually have to visit different websites and look for many different stores that may have the parts you need for your MOC. This may prove to be a difficult task because you will have to deal with different sellers, transportation costs, possible problems, etc. It can also become expensive after adding multiple additional costs, expensive parts, or missing packages.

Now, in building the MOC, we provide you with the possibility of buying the entire package of the required MOC with one click. There is no need to deal with the trouble of buying Lego blocks online. Just place an order and our professional team will handle MOC for you. You will receive all the parts and your instructions in one package so that you can build and enjoy!

Introduction to building MOC
Build a MOC is a website where you can buy other people’s MOC kits and, of course, provide your MOC to others.

It is operated by two AFOL Gerardo and Alvaro in southern Spain, who began selling parts in the secondary market in 2012 to fund their LEGO hobby. Since then, their business has grown significantly, and now their store has more than 650000 parts, many per 10000.

During this period, they encountered two problems: first, it may be troublesome for buyers who want to establish a specific mo#c to purchase parts, especially when multiple sellers are involved. Secondly, MOC designers selling their kits is also a trouble: procurement, classification, packaging, etc. So a MOC was established to solve them.

Gerardo explained, “many of our customers are frustrated by the complexity of buying Lego blocks for their projects. Dealing with multiple websites that purchase building blocks and instructions, as well as multiple stores that need to browse complex terms, restrictions and transportation and handling, costs and possible events can be frustrating and time-consuming.

“Buying a custom LEGO MOC can be difficult for people who don’t have experience, don’t have enough time or don’t want to deal with it. We aim to solve this problem by becoming a one-stop shop for MOC and simplifying the process. Buy your favorite MOC with one click.

“We will handle all parts, instructions, possible custom stickers, special chrome wheels, etc. for them! We work hard so that you can spend time doing what you like: building a great LEGO MOC. ”

Of course, in order to sell MOC kits, the company needs to attract and cooperate with MOC designers“ MOC designers can easily sell instructions, but they cannot serve customers who are not familiar with LEGO. “, Gerardo said“ We help anyone reach more audiences by making MOC available to them! We also help designers alleviate the problem that potential buyers must buy fake kits, which are sold with the original instructions without any compensation to the designer. 10% of the total price of each kit is directly owned by the designer. ”

Gerardo kindly offered to send me a toolkit so that I could evaluate the service. I chose a model that looked interesting but small and cheap: a bee, designed by ihurtnow, in part because one of my daughter’s nicknames was bee.

It is packed in a strong cardboard box.

The parts are contained in a zipper bag. Printed instructions are not provided, but can be downloaded from the website by logging in to your account.

All elements are real Lego blocks and are brand new. They are distributed in many smaller bags, and their division may have some logic, but it is not obvious. You need to clear them all before you start building.

The description is clear and concise, which is easy to compare with the official description.

My daughter ‘Bee’ made this model without any problems. All parts are present and correct.

This special set of 157 pieces costs 19 euros, which seems to me a good price. I think if it is an official suit priced at 10 cents per piece, it will be about 15 euros / 15 dollars, so you only need to pay 4 euros to avoid the trouble of purchasing all parts by yourself, and you may have to pay multiple postage and so on.

In addition to bees, I also received zelamman’s delorien, so I will complete the construction and evaluation around next week.

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